1st Special Forces Regiment: An Evolving Tapestry


Here is a book about the 1st Special Forces by JP Hastings

1st Special Forces Regiment: An Evolving Tapestry

by JP Hastings (Author)

1st Special Forces Regiment: An Evolving Tapestry is about the Heritage, Lineage and History of the men of the United States Army Special Forces Regiment. It is their journey beginning with the formation of the Rangers in the 1600’s that forged a nation out of the wilderness. Through the centuries of overcoming events and driven by necessities that would mature their missions and skills, in to the Army’s Special Forces (Green Beret). It reveals who and what they experienced throughout history and what it takes to earn the coveted “Green Beret”. It also highlights historical snippets that caused some paradigm operational changes. The goal and intent in its publishing: 1) As accurately as possible, tell of the Regiment’s life starting at the roots, through threads leading to its maturing, development and expansion that set forever in time the Heritage, Lineage, and History with Honor and integrity. 2) 100% of the royalties from the sale of the book will be for the Special Forces Association (SFA) for use with charities, and other just causes and events as the SFA sees fit to support our Special Forces Brothers and their families.

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